Malačka trail

‘’Malačka trail’’ is an interesting enduro freeride trail with fun downhill sections from the top of the mountain Kozjak. Although on one section currently you have to push your bike 15 meters to get down to the start, the trail leaves an interesting impression. A narrow hiking trail with sharp bends and hidden rocks that can drive riders out of concentration, keeps you in the adrenaline all the way down. Do not be surprised if you meet a herd of goats that mostly quietly graze grass, but still be careful. At the end of the trail you will reach the road that actually leads to the peak of the Malačka mountain pass, so from that road you can re-ascent to the Cross road for re-descending ‘’Malačka trail’’. However, the end of the trail also connects you to the ‘’Therapy’’ trail and besides that leaves the possibility of riding a firefight road through the central part of the Kozjak.